Company Mission

To seek out profitable applications, business relationships, and opportunities that are based on our core competencies and to develop new core competencies that that will allow us to pursue future opportunities.

Company Vision

To provide our customers with advanced products and services related to visco-elastic materials.


Case Studies

Action Products has partnered with a wide range of customers across many markets, to develop customized products that use the Akton® viscoelastic polymer for their specific applications. Below are some case studies and testimonials that share the story of how our remarkable polymer has worked for them.

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Action Products’ recoil reducing strap-on shoulder harness is phenomenal in its ability to reduce felt recoil of hard hitting magnum rifles and shotguns. This shoulder harness is made fully adjustable to fit every body size from the biggest man to small child. The shoulder harness’ straps, when adjusted properly, lock together with a simple quick detachable latch. The pad itself being 1/2" thick is made of material that reduces recoil of heavy kicking firearms by up to 57% per independent laboratory testing.

During our tests with Action Products’ shoulder harness, we found recoil from a 300 Win Mag to be reduced to approximately that of a 243 Win. This strap-on pad created a much more pleasurable shooting condition in regards to the number of rounds that could be comparably fired in one session”

Mark Marcum


Butt Buffer

Action Products and Butt Buffer, Inc., a manufacturer of motorcycle seat cushions that use the Akton® viscoelastic polymer, have had a long-running, successful relationship for the past 15 years. Butt Buffer, headquartered in Ephrata, PA, produces four different sized motorcycle seat cushions that can accommodate just about any size motorcycle seat on the market (custom sizes are available if needed). By using the Akton® viscoelastic polymer in their finished product, Butt Buffer can provide what no other motorcycle seat cushion on the market does – a motorcycle ride experience with less stiffness, soreness and back pain. Action’s polymer helps to absorb the pressure that can build up between the rider and motorcycle seat to provide a smoother ride, even when traveling cross-country.

Butt Buffer

The relationship between Action Products and Butt Buffer began in the mid-1990’s when the original owner of Butt Buffer purchased a pad for his own motorcycle and was not satisfied with the quality and comfort it provided. He began to research different products that were available in the medical industry that were used to provide pressure relief. He found his product choice with Action Products, and the companies have been working together ever since.

Peter Hemmerich, current owner of Butt Buffer, feels that without their relationship with Action Products, they probably wouldn’t be in business. “We’ve used Action Products since day one, and have never looked back. They have been nothing but cooperative – if I need more material in two weeks instead of four weeks, they accommodate our needs,” says Hemmerich.

Butt Buffer

To date, Butt Buffer’s primary business has been serving the motorcycle industry. Through their partnership with Action Products, they are looking to branch out into other industries that would also benefit from other seat cushion products that use the Akton® viscoelastic polymer and provide pressure relief and shock absorption. “The fact that we have Action’s backing in pursing expanded market share is a big plus; we look forward to the future and working with them to create even more innovative products,” says Hemmerich.

Health & Beauty

Yet another example of how Akton® viscoelastic polymer is used for a wide variety of different applications can be found in the Comfy Grip product. Comfy Grip is a therapeutic gel headband that is filled with Akton® polymer and is worn under a wig or hat to make it more comfortable and secure.

The Comfy Grip product is manufactured exclusively by Action Products for Ferdinand’s, Inc. The product is made by hand at Action’s Hagerstown, MD facility and was originally designed for chemotherapy patients to help hold their wigs firmly in place. Michael Bredal, V.P. of Business Development at Action Products says that they began working with Ferdinand's in 1992.

Myrna Hawkins, a veteran in the wig business for 46 years and owner of the family owned Ferdinand's, Inc., invented the concept and design of the now famous Comfy Grip. Over 15 years ago, Myrna began to search for a product that would fulfill the function and performance of a prosthesis to comfort and hold a wig on a bald head. She found a wonderful company in Hagerstown, MD, Action Products, Inc. and was introduced to their R&D Manager, Vince Serra. "Vince was very patient and knowledgeable, we worked hand in hand and finally the wonderful Comfy Grip was born. We will always be grateful to Vince and Action Products; the dry polymer was exactly what was needed to make the Comfy Grip functional and comfortable and has helped hundreds of thousands chemo and alopecia patients feel more comfortable and secure while wearing their wig," said Hawkins.

In addition to preventing wig slippage, Comfy Grip reduces shear forces of the wig on the skin and aids in evenly distributing the weight of the wig on the head, helping to prevent pressure sores and headaches. It also dissipates body heat to make it very cool to wear, for optimal comfort. The product can also be used under a hat or can be worn over hair.

The Comfy Grip is available through various retailers nationwide and is also available online sites like:

For interested parties for wholesale of Comfy Grip can contact Alicia Hawkins Vice President of Ferdinand's at 309-682-8423 or e-mail at ferdinandsinc@sbcglobal.net.