Company Mission

To seek out profitable applications, business relationships, and opportunities that are based on our core competencies and to develop new core competencies that that will allow us to pursue future opportunities.

Company Vision

To provide our customers with advanced products and services related to visco-elastic materials.


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About Action Manufacturing and Technologies Group

akton technology

Since incorporation in 1970, Action Products has been manufacturing its proprietary Akton® viscoelastic polymer. This unique shock, pressure, shear and heat absorbing material was originally engineered by the company’s founder, Dr. W.R. McElroy, in the basement of his home more than thirty years ago.

What began as a scientific pursuit to develop padding that would help prevent pressure sores in immobilized patients has today spawned a corporation that manufactures over 2,000 products for hundreds of applications. After establishing itself as a pioneer in product development for both the Durable Medical Equipment and Surgical markets, the company began to explore additional product applications for the unique and versatile Akton® viscoelastic polymer.

In 2008, Action Manufacturing and Technologies Group was formed to pursue designs and markets for a wide variety of applications that reach far beyond the medical industry in which we’ve had long-term success – to other industries including military, sporting/recreation, transportation, and construction. The unique physical characteristics of Akton® viscoelastic polymer present limitless applications for use:

  • Gun recoil pads
  • Gloves for jackhammer use
  • Race car driver seat padding
  • Equestrian pads
  • Athletic equipment
  • Sleep products

The Akton® viscoelastic polymer is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide and has earned a sterling reputation as a high-performance, high-quality product that is the legacy of its inventor, Dr. McElroy.